Keeping Momentum

by Dave Jackson

After watching The Secret video, even though I don’t subscribe to every little thing that’s said, I’ve come to be even more careful of what I say, write and think. I’ve done my own study and will write about it soon, on the impact your words have on your life.

And I keep hearing Adriana say to her team how almost everything that happens is linked to your mindset.

Before you start humming the theme to Outer Limits, let me say that people in the medical and scientific world are continually being startled by findings of “mind over matter”. Louise Hay, in her great book You Can Heal Your Life, says that we all have feelings of inferiority that bring us to think we are not good enough.

We think we aren’t as good as other people, RVP’s, NVP’s, and that we feel we’re not good enough to gain and enjoy the things we desire in life. I used to find myself feeling this way – like for some strange reason I don’t “deserve”. I was raised that way. Were you?

Even when we put all our effort and strength into our work, and we achieve – we still sabotage our success thinking we weren’t entitled to it.

Let me tell you right now that you deserve every good thing that you are capable of achieving from your work and talent. What you need to work on is a belief system that short circuits any “non-deserving” thinking.

Back to Adriana, I hear her preach that you need to work more on yourself than you do your business. And people interpret this so many different ways. Let’s just say if you still have feelings of doubt, or you are stuck and want to change your business – you’re a candidate for self-improvement.

I’ll soon post a routine that you can work on every day. Make it like a physical workout. This is how you get to the next level – the level those who work this business are at that make it seem effortless. They are working hard on themselves. Ask them.

Watch what you’re saying and thinking. It’s not the truth about you and what you can do that hurts you. Read that again. It’s the things you consider to be true and have no basis in truth.

Start as soon as you have that feeling to question – what assumptions am I making about me that might not be true? You probably already know that we tend to fall in love with our excuses and negative assumptions. We fall in love with reasons for not moving ahead. I love Michael Clouse who says – just give me the number, not excuses.

Homework for you: Challenge your thinking. Imagine that you have absolute confidence in yourself in a particular area. Then act as if were impossible for you to fail, and that’s what will happen! Accept you are as good and talented as anyone you’ll ever meet. You can accomplish anything you really want to.

Stop making excuses for your lack of success. Think and speak about what you want and get busy making it happen for you.

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