Learn To Do What’s Right

by Dave Jackson

Isaiah 1:17 Do what's rightFor years I wanted to write a book, and I might still do it, called “Do What’s Right.” Motivational experts make millions on the fact that the majority of us are wired without the motivation to do the right thing – even though we know for a fact that the outcome would change our lives for the better. I believe the main reason we are created that way is so we can be dependent on God, and not ourselves. That’s my opinion – that’s what I write here, by the way.

So how do you do what’s right? I remember going to a Tony Robbins motivational weekend and coming away thinking that I had to have everything scripted. Soon I felt no freedom. Later upon reviewing the materials I found that Tony actually says your list must be flexible because “life happens.” So true. But to run your life without an organizer in today’s economy is asking for trouble. Unless you want to live the life of Robinson Crusoe, you have to have something to keep you on track.

We have to learn to do what’s right when it all feels wrong. We’re notorious for making decisions when emotions are at their peak and later regret them. So we have to first let our emotions calm down before making decisions – especially those which will impact others. Don’t make these decisions by feeling. The Bible tells us to walk in wisdom.

And if any of you feel you don’t have wisdom, or need more of it, ask God for it who will give it to you liberally and will be happy to do so. If you simply ask God in faith – I mean, really believing that He will give you wisdom – because He says if you ask Him and you don’t believe He’ll deliver, well, you’re just like a wave out here in the Gulf of Mexico; it doesn’t do much but lets the wind kind of toss it around – no direction or goal. (James 1:5-7)

The Proverbs are a great place to find how to do what is right. I study that book as well as Psalms. But I want you to know that with that defect we’re born with – to not go down the path that is right, by nature (doctrine of sin) – that we also know what is right and CAN make the choice.

Here’s what you do. Start right now to look at what you’re doing and work through things you know are wrong. If you’re sitting there in your PJ’s and know you should take a bath and get on with the day – then do it. Cross things off as you get to them. If you know you should walk the dog NOW, do that. And if you know you are in sin and continue by choice, you have the power to stop.

What are your thoughts on this?

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