Money Matters

by Dave Jackson

As much as you say you do – down deep inside you don’t really feel you deserve to be rich.  At least that’s what the majority face.  Weren’t you raised with that steady drumbeat of destructive criticism, that led you to conclude – at least unconsciously – that you really don’t deserve to be successful and happy?

The worst part of it is, that as children, when negative experiences are all too common, the feeling becomes ingrained to the point that today, we feel guilty when we do succeed.

These guilt feelings cause us – without realizing it – to get rid of the money from our success.  It’s called self-sabotage, and it doesn’t always involve money.  We destroy our lives in other ways as well.

Change your attitude toward money.

Money is like a lover.  Follow me on this one… It must be courted and coaxed, and flattered and treated with care.  It gravitates toward people who show it more respect and are capable of doing worthwhile things with it.  On the other hand, it flows right through the fingers of those who don’t understand it – or don’t take proper care of it.

Get good with money.  You can learn this skill with practice.  When you say you’re not good with money, it’s usually an excuse or rationalization for the fact that you’re not very successful or disciplined with money.  You simply haven’t learned to acquire it and hold on to it.

The starting point of accumulating money is to believe you have an unlimited capacity to get all the money you will ever need.  Feel and think successful.  Money gives you choices.  It opens doors.  But it can be hurtful to be obsessed with it.

The love of money is the root of all evil.  Money is essential, but preoccupying about how to get it is wrong.

Realize that virtually everyone who has money today at one time was broke and probably broke for a long time.  They learned the skills of accumulating money and now they are financially independent.  Whatever they did – you can do, too.

Become a student of money from today on.  Study it, learn it, apply the lessons you learn until you begin to attract more in your direction.

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