by Dave Jackson

I’ve got to wipe the cobwebs off of this site and get ready for the new year. Today the UPS guy delivered to my door the new book by Gary Vaynerchuk called “Crush It.” My dog, Ginger, went bananas when the guy walked up, but I love how a lot of the UPS guys leave the dog a little treat.

Well, Gary’s book is hot. I’ve read the first chapter already. My son, Dennis, snagged a signed copy of the book via Twitter, and I read that. I was following Gary on Twitter as well and was one of the first 200 people to Tweet a link about LinkedIn’s new Twitter tie-in. A few days later I got a direct message asking for my home address. That is sweet!

I’m writing tonight, just before Survivor: Samoa Islands starts. I’ve got this old Sabre PC with Debian Linux loaded on it and writing to you in Google Chrome for Linux (beta.) I’ve got this old thing up on the formal dining table because I’m working on another “project.” This one needs some marketing finesse, so I’m best following Gary and Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin’s blog. I need all the help I can get.

But I think I’m going to go a little further and possibly do something I never do and that is write about how the project is coming along. There are a ton of things I can’t tell you about it until it’s up and working, but you will learn a lot by following along.

We’re into brainstorming, my wife and I, and this time we got four neighbors and sat down at the kitchen table not far from me here and went for about three hours non-stop of just dumping all sorts of ideas. It was exciting and I just love to be a part of those sessions. Makes you feel alive!

We have another session coming up next week, but let me tell you that brainstorming is real easy to do. Get together a group of your friends who maybe want an addition stream of income and start writing down ideas and discussing them. I was shocked at how many connections we had sitting at that table. One participant was one person away from the lady who put together the Secret! Another had a sister who has a six figure income from writing Santa letters!

If you want to get ahead, you’ll mastermind and brainstorm. Just do it.

OK, as far as changes here, I am going to move my site from the /blog to the main index. Yes, I know I’ll screw up all the pages in Google for a few hours, but thank goodness for redirection (using Apache htaccess.)

And finally, I rewrote the opening page to NetDominate and have not had one bite. I know the site does not have the exposure I need in order to make a decision about changes, but maybe you can give it a gander and comment below. I would appreciate it.

Take care and we’ll talk soon and let me know your thoughts on the above.


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