My Big Sister Copes with the Jungle

by Dave Jackson

You know I sometimes laugh when I hear what people give as excuses, especially when Debbie, my big sister who is a missionary on the Amazon River, sends me updates like this. Read along about how her and Les, husband, are fighting a nasty bout of malaria.

Thank you all for praying for us. I wrote our daughters about the visit to the hospital and thought I’d send the description on to you hoping it would give you a better mental picture of medical care in the Amazon. They are pretty efficient for all the cases they have to handle.

I wanted to let you know that we went to town on Monday to do the follow-up appointment at the Tropical Hospital. They run you through the same procedure as the first visit. First you go to the malaria section of the hospital. You take a number from the machine on the wall that dispenses numbers and then wait for your turn. When your number is called they get your name and if it is a follow-up they actually look up your name on the computer and find your file. They then prick your finger and make a blood slide. You then go back and sit down in the waiting room with around 50 other people and wait for your name to be called. That part took about 45 minutes. The room is air-conditioned. That was fine this time but the last time I had chills so bad that my teeth were chattering and my legs were shaking. We tested negative for malaria this time. Once you get your results you have to go to the secretary’s desk at another part of the hospital and give her your results. She types it into the computer and then gives you a card with a number. You go to another waiting room with no AC but much smaller and full of lots of people. We waited there for an hour and a half for our name or number to be called. That was a bit funny as I wondered how we would hear our name with so many people and a small TV set turned up pretty loud. Not to worry! They had a nurse with the voice of a drill sergeant. Once you were called you went in to see a doctor that asked you some general questions about your case and answers any questions you may have. We were told that we need to test negative 3 times before they “release” us from treatment. That will mean another trip next Monday and the following Monday. We trust that the following tests will be negative and that our strength will continue to increase.

Currently we are trying to help plan our grade school Spiritual Emphasis Week. It will be like a short Vacation Bible School for the students. Please pray for wisdom in planning something meaningful and yet within the abilities of our some what tired staff.

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