My Four Rules of Time

by Dave Jackson

One of the first things I learned from Mom growing up is that time is perishable. It means I couldn’t save it, and I could only spend it. And because time could only be spent, about the only thing I could think of was to find ways to spend it differently. I found ways growing up to reallocate low value things and higher value things. Mom said once time is gone, it’s gone forever. The next rule of time I learned was that it is indispensable. Wow, big word that means no matter what I did in life, even gazing out the window or taking a power nap, well, that required a certain amount of time. You guys know about the 10/90 rule, right? 10 percent of the time you take to prepare your activities in advance saves you 90 percent of the effort involved in achieving your goals later. That means when I just think through the act and plan my work in advance, I’ll see a dramatic reduction in the amount of time it take me to do the actual job.

Hey, the third rule is that time is irreplaceable.  Now nothing can substitute time.  Especially in relationships.  Hmmmm.  Time is the single currency that really means anything in relationships.  And that goes for your family members, of course – but also to your friends, customers, coworkers, and colleagues.  I give a lot of thought to creating blocks of time I can spend without interruption with the important people in my life.

You’ve heard the question – how do children spell the word “love?”  You know the answer, right?  T-i-m-e.  And it’s the same for my wife as well.  The people who are important in my life know that my love for them is equal to the amount of time I spend with them.

You see, the amount of time that you spend with someone, you actually get to understand that person better.  You you get too busy to spend time with your children, well – you eventually lose contact with them and they go off into their own world.

Rule number four is that time is essential for accomplishment.  Not an RVP yet?  Every goal that you want to achieve, yes everything you want to accomplish, requires time.  One of the smartest things I think I’ve ever done is when I set a goal is to sit down and allocate the exact amount of time that I’m going to invest to achieve that goal.  Failure to do this almost always leave my goal undone.

So get your time together and see where you should be spending more of it.  You’ll be happy you did and so will your loved ones.

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