N. Y. Jets Not Mentally Tough

by Dave Jackson

It was a fun Sunday. Lots of football. We even broke out the organic corn chips (Costco) and Malbec (Whole Foods). Dennis had a supply of these incredible almonds from Starbucks. But even as we were set to watch a good challenge, someone was going to lose.

Can all disease be cured? Wow, Dave… you jump around subjects, no? Ha, well…there are those that think all disease can be cured by both mental and diet. Likewise, there are those in the school of thought that football is all a mental game. Forget that there are the dynamics of genetics for diseases, and the whole physicality behind playing football.

If it can’t be cured, using mental powers can come awfully close. With football, it’s almost the same. If your head is in the right place, everything falls into place. Granted, both teams have to be physically identical.

So did the losers of the championship games we watched yesterday the victims of bad thinking?

Yes. And NFL teams spend time conditioning the mind as well as the body. But that’s the fun of the whole thing. Dennis said that soon those players on the screen would be droids. Then it would boil down to strategy. Or would thought play a huge part in it as it does today.

In other words, even droid operators have a mind which can be swayed by thinking.

And if this is such a big part of winning and losing, don’t you think it should be studied in your life, for your benefit? I thought as much for me, and am going through a program by Bob Proctor called the Success Puzzle. Six CD’s and a workbook mainly about what you spend your time thinking about.

I’m just starting it, so I’ll let you know how it goes. Right now I am reviewing my worthy ideal. Pretty cool name, right? Worthy ideal.

OK, let me know what you think about the importance the mind plays in our lives. Talk soon. Dave

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