Quick Things You Can Do Today

by Dave Jackson

I was blown away by the scientific research in quantum physics that related a story of how praying for less crime in Washington DC on one given night, actually worked.  And recently best selling author Marci Shimoff interviewed 100 unconditionally happy people.  These people were being happy for no reason – it wasn’t their birthday or anything.  They were just happy.

What she found is really cool.  Marci recognized that they all focused on the solution rather than the problem.  Wow – write that one down.  Another cool point she found was that happy people let love lead in their lives.

They have the same junk thrown at them in life that we do, yet they choose to keep their hearts open in their daily lives.  And this can be seen in their gratitude.  They focus on it.  Not that they have more to be grateful for.

And here’s an important one.  They connect to something larger than themselves.  Marci found that people who are happy don’t always have to figure out everything to be in control.  The live in the flow of life, trusting underlying benevolence and wisdom from that larger wholeness.

These same people seek a nourishing support system.  Remember what I talk about – the power hour?  These people do this and discover their passion and incorporate it into everything they do.

Now – quick things you can do today that lead to happiness.

In a minute, you could – be grateful – write a thank you card.  Relax – close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly, three times.  Connect – call, text or email someone you haven’t in a while.  Gain perspective – look out the window toward the horizon.  And think about you – list three things you like the most.

Did you know that 72% of Americans dream of starting their own business.  Man, that’s almost all of us.  I know I’ve had that entrepreneureal spirit since a buddy gave me a copy of Think and Grow Rich.

And what is your passion?  Like model airplanes?  Creating websites?  Taking pictures?  57% of us are passionate enough about something to turn it into a money maker.

I don’t know about you, but if you’re like me, there are reasons – whys – you want to start something you can call your own.  Intuit by Decipher released interesting figures.  They say they found 40% would start a business because they are tired of working at something they hate.  (That number sounds awful low compared to people I talk to.)

Finally, let me give you a clue I got from Dr. Oz, America’s Doctor, who I heard in a recent seminar on his HealthCorps organization.  Essential to health and happiness are exercising and sleep.  We don’t get enough deep sleep for our bodies to repair themselves.  Should you be up at 1 AM reading this?  If you have a normal day – 9 to 5, the answer is no.  So my challenge to you today is

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Frank February 4, 2009 - 5:14 am

I love the book Think And Grow Rich too. It has revolutionaried my life. Great post about the quantum physic theory. I think we are all creation center via our thought which is energy and influence our environment. And the book The Science of Getting Rich has the same statement that we can impress our thought to the Universe and start the creation process through the mind of the Universe.



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