Security VS Freedom

by Dave Jackson

It hit me early on.  And why, I’m not really sure – but I think I can trace it back to my Dad, who in his late 20’s made the decision to uproot his family and move to the center of the Amazon.

He had a calling, but it wasn’t too hard because of his already entrepreneureal spirit.  I like to think of it as God knowing exactly what He’s doing by calling the right people to His do His will.

Dad left the security as a foreman with an awning company in Michigan, to be a missionary two miles south of the equator on the Rio Negro river.  Yet to him, it was total freedom.  At work in Michigan, he couldn’t do what was on his heart – to tell others of his faith.

Often I encounter prospects who are stuck believing that their security will eventually bring them freedom.  But this only happens to people who are truly in prison, behind real bars.  Eventually some do make it to freedom.  For prospects, I find it interesting that the best way we can get them to join our passion is to first teach them about security v.s. freedom.

And some don’t want to know about it.

Security brings back all sorts of warm and fuzzy emotions.  It normally makes us feel good.  There is little risk involved – and humans, for the most part, are low-risk creatures.

So what do with do with this?  Incorporate it into your presentation.

Teach prospects that yes, they may feel secure in their job that offers them paycheck for executing a agenda day in and day out; but that this sort of security never leads to freedom.  Ask them (after creating some outstanding rapport, of course), who they may know who has worked for decades and gained freedom in the end.  This thought process works.

Next, talk about what real freedom is.  When people think that they may never see freedom, they are more likely to open up to what you have to say.  But remember, your job is to get them to that intersection.

Happy prospecting,
Dave Jackson
Naples, FL

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