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by Dave Jackson

I will kick this off.

I’d like you guys to remember my son who live here in Florida in your prayers.  He needs either another job, or a better job.  He’s great at fixing things, loves the computer, and Internet, and is full of talent!

Thanks so much!

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Sherrie J May 17, 2008 - 9:52 am

Great idea Dave, thanks!

I’ll be glad to add him to my morning prayers.

My youngest son Nicky(15), can also use some prayers. The lure of the beach, friends, drinking and being in the cool crowd has him questioning what’s right. Any of ya’ll with teens know how hard this can be and what I’m talking about. He has his head together and will be ok- Just hard to let go of some so-called ‘friends’ that don’t have a clue.
Gulf Breeze, Fl


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