Should You Release Emotions?

by Dave Jackson

Most men are horrible about showing emotions. Women seem more connected to them, I believe mainly because of the way we are raised.

Here’s my take on releasing emotions.

Emotions, the kind that well up inside of us when we experience something in the present that takes us to a precious moment in the past, are useful. They should not be quenched or suppressed.

These strong feelings are given to us for the purpose of keeping our tapestry in place. I’ve talked about this before, how since the day we are born we are weaving our own tapestry filled with experiences that are meant to create this beautiful episode on this planet called life. Each is different, mine different than yours.

tapestry of lifeAnd I feel a bit sad when someone suppresses those emotions.

For me, it’s important not to erase or block out part of what is your core. And yet, at the same time I understand we are all spiritual beings progressing and changing, keeping the tapestry growing and as beautiful as we can make it.

Certainly you don’t want to get crazy about something in your past, but know that it is perfectly OK to let it out once in a while and not say your sorry, or that you’re OK. Get in touch with those emotions and go to your core figuring out why this part of your tapestry is so important to you.

So what do you think? Have you ever felt this way and simply didn’t know what to do? Share with me how you handled it, and if you believe I have a valid point.

And thanks for reading. I love that you visit and hope what I write helps you in your daily walk on this planet.

Be good,

P.S. There’s been a ton of recent talk on EFT and how it can free us from underlying emotions. My only recommendation here is this book which will walk you through the EFT techniques that a lot of people like Jack Canfield, and others are embracing. There’s a reason for this – they work. I know it sounds silly – tapping yourself – but hey, if you’ve been a bundle of emotions – you’ll try anything. It doesn’t hurt to check it out.

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