The Art of Delegation

by Dave Jackson

As much as I’d want to, I don’t know enough about programming for a new Debian Linux server and consequently PHP and MySQL as I’d like to. It may sound all Greek to you, but it is the next step in a project that I’m working on that I have a lot of faith in. And it’s not that I’ve been far from Linux servers. I’ve been around them the past 17 years. But I never had to learn some of the programming languages in order to make a living.

To learn that now on a project that may or may not be a winner isn’t a good use of my time. I have the project written up, know exactly what I want it to do, know what coding it will take to make that work, but don’t know how to write that code. You’ve probably been in this situation more that you realize.

For example, someone introduces you to a good business opportunity but you feel you don’t have the skill-set to pull it off, or to do it justice. I’ve found that 9 times out of 10 the person introducing the business opportunity just doesn’t know how to explain it well enough to set your mind at ease and so you give up. You are thinking you will have to learn this new “code” when in fact you can delegate that part to someone else.

Take for example having to find recruits for your new venture. You probably think that you have to read up on how to do that and then go out cold turkey and get those new soldiers. If fact, all ventures I’m familiar with want the newbies to sit in the back of the cart and watch the masters at work at least for a few months. Unfortunately because many eager beavers get the proverbial cart before the horse, people get burned out on these new ventures and anyone pitching them.

So, I’m heading on over to a few cool websites where I can get programming help. One is and another is There are more like and All do the same thing. Sort of like an eBay for coders where they bid on the job. And you get to see who has the highest ranking and best remarks, just like on eBay.

And that’s the way it’s done. I’ll have an update real soon.

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Dave Jackson December 12, 2009 - 2:47 pm

Just an update on this. I created an entry for bids at Rent-a-Coder and within 20 minutes have already received 7 entries within my proposed budget.

I am now thinking that this may be a good way for retired people who want to earn some extra money to do so by writing articles and such for people who search for that one these websites.


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