The Best Way to Share

by Dave Jackson

One way of upsetting another person, if they give you the power to do so, is to make them become aware of something they weren’t searching for. Take for example, the subject of eating. If you try to make someone aware of their bad food choices, chances are they won’t like it – unless, of course, they’re searching for a change.

Naturally, the way you go about “educating” someone can also have a profound effect on how open they are to anything new. Isn’t it true that when people think it’s their idea, they fall in love with it?

When you make someone aware of new things that you have found profound and fascinating, if you simply tell them how it has helped you, or how you are now feeling, they will most likely want to experiment for themselves.

It’s just doesn’t go over well when you say – HEY! DID YOU KNOW YOU’RE EATING CRAP??!

So the rule when you learn anything here with me and want to share it with someone, is to just tell them how it’s changed you. OK? Make them want to know what it is and how they can get some. Try it. You’ll find when they make the decision, it is permanent. When you force it on them, or make them feel bad about it, they’ll probably tell you to go fly a kite.

The movie Food Inc.Your homework for this weekend, if you choose to accept it, or at anytime you read this, is to go find the movie Food Inc and watch it. I’ll talk about in the coming days and you’ll want to see what everyone is talking about.

Talk soon,

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