The Top of the Seven Deadly Sins

by Dave Jackson
Samson killing lion

Samson killing lionIf you look at a list of the Seven Deadly Sins, this one would probably be at the top of almost everyone’s list. In my research, it is prominently listed at or near the top. So for most, there is no doubt that it is the most “deadly.”

When I was a child our Sunday School teacher told us about a crazy-strong man named Samson. Unfortunately for me and my friends, we wanted to go out into the church parking lot while the adults chit-chatted after church, and play like we were Samson! So strong we had no fear, no rivals! Mighty and strong!

It wasn’t until I was in junior high school in northern Brazil that I learned the the rest of Samson’s story. I’m sure our Sunday School teacher mentioned it, but my young ears only heard he was powerful and strong and well…kids embrace superheros. I was no exception.

In the book of Judges 14:5-6 we learn about Samson. Here’s a dude that is so incredibly strong that he can kill a lion with his bare hands. In fact, it goes on to say that he had such super human strength that there was none other like him.

But Samson had an inner weakness.

It doesn’t take living long to realize that we all have “inner weaknesses.” And nowadays I’ve learned that God wants these character flaws to show us how we have to totally depend on Him. I also learned that if we handle them properly they are useful to take us to a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. On the other side of the coin – uncontrolled weakness simply destroys a person’s life.

Samson inner weakness was that top Seven Deadly Sin. Uncontrollable lust.

Like me, Samson was raised in a godly home and had a calling in life – a clear calling. But he gave into his desires and deliberately violated the truth he grew up with and knew so well. And despite the Nazarene law which forbade him to be involved with foreign women, Samson went after a harlot in Gaza (Judges 16:1).

Continuing on, he then met a woman named Delilah and it wasn’t hard to see her motives were blatantly deceiving, he gave himself over – heart, mind, and spirit – to sexual indulgence.

He was so entangled to his sin that it affected his actions. even to the point of costing him his life.

Well, as Judges tells us, before Samson died, he lost everything: his super human strength, eyesight, and…honor. The man who once led his country as a super hero became a slave to his enemies (Judges 16:18-25).

Think about this: what is your sin of the Seven Deadly Sins? Anything hidden? Lust, insecurity, fear, greed, gossip, or pride? Flaws in our personality can really move us to good – or bad – hey…it depends on us. Running after sin can eventually ruin your life, just as it did Samson’s – or…drive you to an undeniable dependence on God.

That outcome is up to you.

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