There’s More to it Than That

by Dave Jackson

I don’t know how you were taught, but when I was a child, transported to and from church each time the doors were open, there were certain things the adults in my sphere of influence told me were simply from the devil.

If anything strange happened, it was either a miracle or something from the other side. This all depended on how the strange thing took place. If it benefited the church – for some reason it was a miracle. And if it didn’t – then it was straight from hades.

Do you think things are so cut and dried? Or maybe we’ve gotten more lax and have a more open mind about these things.

I believe that with age comes wisdom and when I was in my twenties, these things were more cut and dried. There was no gray area and if there were you couldn’t talk your way out of it, easily at least.

But now as I look back on all things I’ve experienced, I can see that everything God has created has some sort of very spiritual side which is deep and hard to understand. And I’m not sure why we are this way – or why things are this way. Perhaps when we all get to heaven we’ll only use that side and somehow it will all make sense.

I see this spiritual side in more than humans. I see it in other animals and even some plants. It’s as if they had feelings (plants) and could understand us on some spiritual wavelength. Some say when we communicate with plants, they do better. Or is it that when we communicate with them, God is really just eavesdropping and He cares for the plant?

Animals I’ve come to know have a spiritual side. They sense things somehow before they happen in ways that we cannot understand given our knowledge of their senses. They seem to be able to reason and there have been incidents of animals traveling cross-country back to their home – not that this is spiritual, but to me that is more than just being a pet.

So I believe that there is a spiritual side to us that most of us are afraid to use. I am one. It’s the fear of the unknown and the fear that you have always been told that any feeling like that is not Godly – so you best not wander there.

I remember being told that meditation was evil and was an easy way that satan could enter your mind. And yet, today – I know that multitasking and keeping our mind on overload is far from healthy – and that clearing our mind – thinking on Godly things in a peaceful environment is so beneficial to our productivity.

I wonder what you think. When the Secret came out a while back, were you confused? Did you think that part of it may be good, but that you felt it wrong to follow? Tell me where you stand – Don’t you think there is more to it than what we’ve been told?

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