Valentine Suggestions

by Dave Jackson

Guys have difficulty in the romance department. This is the way most of them are wired. And that’s fine because if something can be learned, improved, well you got a good thing going for you ladies. It’s when there is no desire to do anything except around a holiday that you’re in trouble and a lot of that may be brought on by you. It’s one thing to expect romance yet quite another to hold the keys to making a man desire you. Where you place your attention is directly proportional to the benefit of your desire.

Women seldom are cognoscente of their power in this area. Men are designed to please a woman in every way possible if the woman knows how to become what the man desires. It is really that simple. Men are pretty easy to tame.

So let’s investigate some valentine suggestions for this year.

A card and flowers are so common I want you to think outside the box. If you have kids, there are people who will watch your kids for you if you really want to do this. Put this on the same level as that must attend conference at work and you will make it happen. If you don’t – you will reap what you sow, eventually. (If you’re taking notes: romance is important! – and for BOTH of you; not just him or just her – you both must get creative!)

Let’s look at candles. I love them and to me they are a sign of peace and love. Buy a box or bag of the small tea light candles. Place these strategically around the house or apartment where they lead into the dining room where you have set a dinner for two. Later they can lead to the bedroom. If you’re thinking you don’t cook, there are plenty of ready made options. They aren’t going to care much about the meal – so you know how to cook!! Big deal! – what they want to see is the romance. The “why.” Romance can’t be purchased. Good food? Any day. You can also put candles in the bathroom for a romantic bubble bath.

For music, I use Pandora on my smartphone. Make sure you have an instrumental station playing. It’s better without the distraction of the words. If you want to play Great Hits of the 80s later, that would be fun and perfect – especially for dancing after a nice time together.

Another idea would be to simply surprise them with a night out without the kids. Again, it doesn’t matter who initiates. Both should and it should not be just a guy thing. Find a nice romantic place and enjoy the evening. Make it all about the other person. Don’t mention kids!

Have fun and if you have suggestions I’d love to hear them.

A few more:

Make a CD of your favorite love songs.
Make a SnapFish photo album of just the two of you.
Take them on a cruise.
Breakfast in bed.
Long hot bath with rose petals.
Write a poem.
Write that list 🙂

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