Waiting for Sunshine

by Dave Jackson

Well, here it is the end of March and this year has proven to be just as crazy as all the others before it. We are headed quickly toward the end of the age, according to Mayan’s anyway. Their calendar ends mid December. You ready? I know I’m not but I bet as we approach that date many will make millions selling doomsday stuff. Hmmmm…might be a good time to start an online store!

Life is short enough. No one told us the end was near say…twenty years ago – and how long has that Mayan calendar been around? I wonder what other predictions inscribed on that round stone have come true? No one talks about that, either.

What we are all waiting for in life is sunshine or the energy to create a great life for us. This takes many different paths, yet the similarities for all of us are striking. Some realize this more than others.

Today, focus on where you want to be and you will most likely achieve that. If you focus on the negative, you will achieve more of that, too.

Make it an outstanding day!


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