Who Is Good at Organizing Receipts?

by Dave Jackson

Yes, I must admit, I am not the best when it comes to organizing all of what needs to be organized – in order to save a ton of time and maybe a good chunk of change come tax time.

But some people are.

And I’m the sort of person, the one who will buy 10 books on how to organize documents for your taxes – but I have to admit – I have yet to find one I would recommend.


All the ones I have are written so they cover every detail on the planet.  I’m guessing it’s so the author won’t get sued or taken to court later for leaving out “that little detail”.  But I could be wrong.

One book I haven’t read and I am willing to bet is the book for me (unless you know of a better one – please comment) is the “Dummy” series.  I bet there is a basic/simple list and then a much more detailed list with what else would be great.

I need the simple first – don’t you?

What do you do to get organized with all those receipts?

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