A Work From Home Business Revealed

by Dave Jackson

Since I started discussing a business you could do from home, some of you have taken specific interest in that and the way my blog is designed there is a “marketing” category. So, I’m putting everything there so you can enter there and browse just those posts.

But for those of you on my newsletter list, you’re getting this feed, too, and may not want it. Not sure, but I thought everyone would be interested in multiple streams of income. In any event, I don’t want to bore you with something that is of no interest to you, so I promise to create a title so you’ll know right away that I’m talking about the work-at-home industry. OK?

I was approached by a marketer who I know through one of my other websites, Monetize This, who heard of my quest to find a business-in-a-box and honestly, I’ve been wading through a lot of these “programs” for years. I wish they were all winners, because we’d have “end of discussion” let’s get you to work and be over with it.

So I promised I’d take a look, and I honestly said a prayer before I started reviewing this one, because my heart wants so much for something like this to work for the masses. You see, what happens is someone will create a large email list and market to that list. But many things they market will “only” work if you market them to a large email list. They won’t work if you put up a web page or two and wait for the $ to roll in.

Initially, with this system, Ewen Chia’s (from Singapore) Working From Home – 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money from Home on the Internet – I wasn’t impressed. But that’s simply because “way” number one was to sell on eBay. We all know how easy that is and there wasn’t any “eye-opening” stuff to discover. Pretty nice.

But then Ewen goes onto “way” number 2 – affiliate marketing. Now this is where you create a little website and send visitors to it and you’re selling someone ebook, or other product. But most of the time it’s an ebook. The ebooks are reports on varied topics – which are found at a website called ClickBank. But before you go running over there, let me tell you how Ewen claims this is a business model he’s made millions at.

Want to know how? So did I.

Yes, I’ve heard of affiliate marketing before, and at first I didn’t think much of it. But when you think it through, it really is a great way of marketing something. For example – say you have a website that talks about how to buy scrap gold and sell it at a nice profit. Your ebook you sell is $34.00.

But in order to get this thing marketed on the Internet, people use affiliate marketing. Plain and simple, I build a site sort of like yours, about buying scrap gold, and send people through a special link to your web page to buy the book. Because I sent you the sale, you are going to give me 50% of the profit. Nice!

So it make sense for me to try to get people to buy your ebook on gold scrap because for each sale, I get $17.00. And I didn’t even write the doggone thing! This how the thing goes viral – people trying to send traffic to their sites in order to sell your book to make 50% on it. Sweet!

Ewen explains in detail how to do this and even if you have very little web experience, you can get this up and going. He tells you how to go to ClickBank to find products and how your web page promoting these products should look.

ClickBank has a little of everything. They aren’t crappy because they require the people selling these ebooks and such to pay a fee for using the site. Sort of weeds out the junk.

Sounds like a dream and I am convinced it will work if you treat it like a business. For more information on this work from home on the Internet deal, please visit Ewen’s Working From Home site and let me know what you think.

Talk soon,

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