AI and Global Decline in Population – Ma, Musk

by David Jackson

Watching GloboNews and it’s so odd to see people in the jungle looking at their cell phones. How do they charge it? Generator? And when did we get so integrated with technology that there are electronic hand held phones deep in the jungle? It’s true what Elon Musk says, we are all cyborgs. Entering the age of technology and biology integration. Our cell phones are an extension of ourselves. They have become a part of us. The thing that’s problematic with the current set up is bandwidth and data speed. Our thumbs can only type so fast and words can only express so much. Once we have true integration we can pass those barriers and communicate at the speed of thought and communicate emotion that recipient can feel. How far away is NeuroLink technology from being ready? Prototypes?

I must say Musk had me worried when he started discussing how he attempted to warn government world leaders about super intelligent A.I. but no one would listen. This was on his Joe Rogan podcast interview. It is a scary thing to think of a self learning network connected to the internet with access to all known information that will easily surpass us in intelligence within hours probably. They made the comparison between humans and chimps. Will the A.I. look at us like we look at chimps? A lower life form, inefficient, controlled by emotions, unnecessary beings. Or maybe like ants, a nuisance more than anything. Will they even care? Maybe treat us as we treat these creatures, we know they are there but ignore them for the most part since we’ve surpassed them in intelligence. Or could be like a deep sea fish and an African elephant. Does the elephant know or care that fish exist or fish of elephant? Just some crazy things to ponder since this is likely the direction we are heading. Musk says we need laws to govern A.I. development because once it is set loose on the world we will lose control of it. The genie is out of the bottle and there’s no way to get it back in. It will be beyond our control. He also stated that the government is so slow that by the time they try to do something it will be too late. Something needs to be done now.

My main worry is weaponized use of A.I. which with humans is almost inevitable. We always use new tech as a weapon against each other. That’s a worry. And will the A.I. be bad or good or like us a mix of both? Will it feel the need to rid itself of the human pest, ignore us, or be the greatest ally and more beneficial than anything we imagine. Idk. He had some interesting thoughts in that interview. Just something to think about that may be coming to future near you!

About a year old by now so you may have already heard this. But it’s interesting if you have a little time. The way he thinks is interesting to see.

Did you listen to the Interview with him and Jack Ma?

Insightful on population decline in a few years.

This is why I don’t treat Alexa or Siri like a slave or garbage. Even though they don’t have sentience or feel emotions, the actions you make define who you are as a person.

“But Jack Ma has already validated China’s population decline!”

I was joking sorry! I’m not aware globally but the trend here is definitely kids much later in life and less, like 1 or 2. Is this due to females now having different roles? No longer just the uneducated housewife and baby factory, They’re more likely to be career driven and wait until they have financial security and stability in life.

Or is it due to the current and next generation acknowledging the current issues, environmental and societal (bringing kids into a “horribly cruel” world)?

Or is it health related? Are people just not able to have kids or the same amount of kids as their parents? I blame 5G internet, WiFi, gamma radiation, and dust brought back from the moon that was introduced to our water supply. Also hippies, this is mainly the fault of those long haired hippies. ✌

You could say they simply don’t want kids. Here’s the problem. We are biologically designed for reproduction. In the most basic parts of our dna is coded the NEED and desire to carry on the genetics so our species continues. So whether they want kids or not, we are controlled by that biological clock and they’ll end up wanting kids later. I guess they can adopt a lap dog but I’m not sure how well that’ll fool DNA.

That’s why sterilization of college age kids is CRAZY. These kids are making decisions at 20 that they will seriously regret later. You can’t untie your tubes ladies.

Nah, I’m not making a kid in this world. Not until Bernie is president LOL kidding!!

The older you get the more that incessant yearning for a child. You don’t have to follow the urge but you can’t deny it isn’t there. But there’s always other options. Although I bet a single man wanting to adopt has more red tape to get through than a couple or even a single female.

Back to AI, there are sexual partners.

Is that really AI? I keep thinking AI is a self learning machine that writes its own code as it goes. Maybe I’m mixing AI and super intelligent AI. This AI is fully dependent on its code humans wrote, how it responds and what it remembers. I think I keep thinking of like a fully sentient machine with no human interaction needed.

I haven’t seen examples beside that GO playing machine alpha something that learns from watching humans play. So maybe it doesn’t exist yet. Although google and the NSA were working on some AI things. I bet theirs is more what I’m thinking. More independent but still controllable.

I just want to know what the cutting edge is. How advanced is it? What stage are we at in development?

She’s like a Google assistant inside a doll. Eh not that impressive lol.

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