Apple iPhone vs AnDroid

by Dave Jackson
The iPhone 4s

I started out with a Blackberry and it was so new to me that I was referring to it at my blueberry from time to time. I know that sounds crazy, but these things were super new and I didn’t have a handle on the names. Even then, the device wasn’t considered a Smart Phone.

Blackberry Storm Smart PhoneYes, you could send email from it – that’s what I wanted it for. Here is a device that would free me from that chain that kept me in my office day and night. It worked. Nice email features and it was global. I could travel to Brazil and still answer my email. Wow – I was in the digital era! Hehe

Next I wanted Blackberry’s smart phone – the Blackberry Storm. It was nice and I had little complaints. Still, there were a ton of missing features. Yes, there was an app store – but the difference between this and iTunes app store or Android’s marketplace was like Barnes and Nobel and – no comparison!

Droid X Google PhoneI had to have the Droid. Verizon didn’t have the iPhone yet, so the Droid was my next phone. I got the Droid X and was in heaven. Even to this date the Droid is super fast and the screen is huge! And, without phone service the WiFi enabled phone works like a mini tablet! I can do everything on it – even make calls from certain apps.

Finally, Verizon was able to sell the iPhone. I had to have it because of certain features – namely FaceTime – that the Droid didn’t have. So I got it and got my wife one as well. Yes, it was cool that first day – but I looked at my sad Droid and noticed again how HUGE the screen is. The screen on the iPhone is one of the smallest in the industry!

The iPhone 4sI’m thinking they’ll fix that with the next version of the iPhone, but I just got the 4s. And speaking of the 4s… how many of you that have it don’t use Siri at all? I use it on occasion – but I mean, you can’t count on this thing to get you out of a wet paper bag. Sorry, Apple.

Other than that – the phone is great. I love the audio/video quality. Pictures are sharp and crisp. There are hardly any pictures settings when you compare to the Droid – even the HD movie settings on the Droid blow the iPhone out of the water.

Best app on the Droid? I love the GPS using Google Maps!! Come on – that is awesome!

Best app on the iPhone? Even cooler, the Waze GPS app is years ahead of anyone out there – first class! I use it ALL the time.

Let me know what your favorite app is!


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