Continuing Marketing Discussion

by Dave Jackson

I subscribe to two newspapers; the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. I love what I can find in them because they pretty much follow the trends. And today USA Today had an interesting article about online videos, about how they are becoming the next big thing.

Now Wednesday I told you that I would share about something that may interest you in the field of affiliate work. And I only keep this discussion going because the majority of you have written me asking questions that lead me to focus more on hardcore “things” we can do, rather that the “believe it will happen” that I’ve been preaching.

I still preach that.

But I felt it time to get into the meat of some of these ideas many have floating around yet never had the drive to put them on paper and turn it into something that could work and put bread on the table.

And I am positive that for the majority of you on the newsletter list, you will be rewarded with something that will really benefit you when we refine these things and get into product creation.

Now, I know that sounds like we’re going to come up with something physical, and I want to tell you right now, that the product will probably be in the form of a PDF file that you can download and online videos that you watch – and if you follow them – you will be on your way to making some money by using the Internet as a place to market.

And before I close, I want to say something about value.

I know I’ve discussed this umpteen times before but it is worth repeating.

If what you do brings no value to someone, they will lose faith in you and they’re on to something else. You must bring value to the people you are trying to sell to, to create a relationship with.

Last night I watch Steve Guttenberg chat with Donny Deutsch on the Big Idea on CNBC (my favorite show on a good TV network). And Steve said he has been blessed with his life and what he’s done, and I thought – man, here again these people, entertainers or whomever, simply bring something of value to us. Whether it be a warm moment or some great entertainment, we somehow need it and are willing to continue to watch it, to plunk down $$ for it.

So be thinking that way. You want to bring value in what you do. Don’t just re-hash what someone else has done and think the public is going to like it – unless you bring a whole new spin to it and offer something, convenience, etc.

Take care and we’ll talk soon about the affiliate thing. In the meantime, I want to hear from you about whether you would like to participate in some beta testing or hang around for the final product that I do believe will benefit you. Leave your comments.

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