Do You Care About Privacy?

by David Jackson

The field of technology I know would require me to make money in a grey area with the potential for being sued or making money like everyone else and joining the ad game. With the way its unregulated now I wouldn’t enjoy being involved with ad markets.

Unless we pioneered a way to bring ads that had more transparency like with tracking and analytics. I honestly don’t mind a site using analytics to say hey he visited but they follow you after leaving that site. And it’s so out of control now, android and ios can keep trying to alter how permissions are used but app developers find ways to circumvent this and still use precise location or camera without us knowing. This has seriously been bothering me if anyone hasn’t noticed. I guess it stems from having been locked up and every kind of privacy stripped from me. It leaves you with a sense of paranoia going forward. And a clinging to privacy once released.

I deserve a door I can lock and a shower curtain. I deserve to feel secure online and off. Instead I feel like a majority of businesses and developers are two faced, or sneaky. Hiding blatant greedy data collection and tracking in privacy policy fine print they know no one reads and even going as far as to put on appearances of “we care about your privacy and security” so they “anon” your data, when in reality, my location data even without my name can be used to identify me. My specific device and the specific apps and settings of that device even without my name attached can be used to identify me.

   My Mom always says she doesn’t care and why do you care because she has nothing to hide, do I have something to hide, no? Then who cares what they do.

  Man that thinking and such complacency with authority is the wrong way to think about this.

 Honestly why does she have her door closed right now? For privacy. People who have never had their rights and privacy violated right in front of their faces don’t get it; they just don’t understand the impact. The violation of privacy online happens in secret, they don’t call you to tell you what they collected and what they’ll use it for. So these people like my mom don’t feel the impact directly like being a prisoner would impact.

  Similar to those ‘patriots’ that say protesters and political critics should be deported or executed for treason. They’ve never lived in a country without rights and certain freedoms so they don’t get it. They don’t see the importance of it, they’ve just always had it.

  They may understand better if they weren’t white and had people blatantly act differently towards them, deny them, avoid them, look down on them as if they were less deserving, judge them as a whole based on preconceived notions and racial prejudices. Maybe then they would get it. That it does matter, that it is important.

  I’m just sad that everyone kind of just gives up and goes with it and allows the few online entities to gain the massive power they have. The acceptance of it reminds me of someone being raped and just accepting that as normal and refusing to fight off the rapist, not even trying to stop it.

   I just want to be able to do what I enjoy and discover and learn online with the incredible amount of knowledge available to me without feeling insecure or that I’m being lied to or taken advantage of by companies and developers that I for no good reason am forced to deal with.

Facebook, because of how their ad system is designed, whether it’s apps or browsing sites, still attempts to track me even after I no longer use the platform and am not logged in. I don’t trust them and I should have the right to choose what companies I want to help with my data and who I want providing the advertising (ad company, not what company is selling product with ad) for the things I use. And I disagree with all tracking, I see it as unnecessary, but if you wish then it must be transparent and opt-in only.

   I’m done. Still not sure why I write this same stuff over and over. I guess it’s validation for my thoughts.

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