Drop Shipping as a Job

by Dave Jackson
Mike Vestil

I had my daughter ask me if she should get a job and I told her that I still believed that online stores were the way to make great income provided you can find success there. While in Rio this week, I was actually watching a video on “How to find your WHY” on YouTube and stumbled across Josh King Madrid. The name alone made my eyebrows rise, but who am I to judge a 19 year old “serial entrepreneur” as he calls himself; for it takes one to know one. I can tell there is some great things Josh wants to share with the world. Think if Josh can achieve all he has so far, and makes it for the most part, public, what other “SE’s” are out there and don’t get on Social Media at all. They either don’t care to, or aren’t gifted.

I immediately texted my son, Dennis, in Miami and reiterated that I’ve been in e-commerce since the early 90’s (yikes! I cringe looking at this page – this is how much of the web looked like in the early days), and that what have I been doing wrong for all this time? Josh talks a lot about having a big WHY and that’s maybe why his video even appeared. But even if Josh isn’t on the level, which I feel he is, there are plenty of other people of all ages killing it with online stores.

Josh’s video took me to another video – YouTube (well, Google), does that, you know – and soon I was caught up watching Mike Vestil. I love Mike’s energy, and his WHY was HUGE!! It involves his parents. Watch the video and you’ll see and might end up getting into Drop Shipping with your own store. Mike had me filling out a profile on upwork.com and thinking out my customer support issues which all tend to deal with the same question – “where’s my product, right now?” Great stuff.

Mike tells you to go to Facebook and type in something you believe might be trending as a possible product for you to market. He picked “cat t-shirts” and just put it in the Facebook search. I was amazed. He says to look for posts that are going viral and see what people are saying about them – like are they wanting to know where to get one, or do they say they have ordered already? You could do this for anything and I am pretty sure you’ll make money as long as your customer base is big enough.

A great show to watch on TV for marketing info and just basic brain food is The Profit on CNBC. Marcus Lemonis is a natural on this show and tells it like it is. Sometimes you have to admit that origami wedding favors are not the best choice for a product to market. These clues are all around us and I know that if you put as much time and effort into the research of something that will make you millions, as you do slouching and binging on Facebook or mindless TV shows, you will succeed.

Shopify is a great place to start. They have been very helpful to me. I have three stores open now and am working on more. Follow the basic advice of Mike Vestil and you should see profit within 90 days. I would absolutely love it if you could report back to me with a comment.

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