Going Simple

by Dave Jackson

OK, here’s what I’ve learned about this seemingly, ever complex world out there.  Yes, the one with the cell phones that do everything, mini computers as they were.  With netbooks and webcams and social media like Twitter and Facebook and instant messaging.  What applications do I need?  Which work best?  How do I subscribe to 5000 people on Twitter and yet figure out how to sift through them – all in real time?

It’s enough to make you want to fly to Fiji as my good friend Rich Wateska would suggest.

But seriously, what do you think the best advice for all the noise is?  In my case, I love what I’m learning with Bob Proctor.  He tells us to not turn it off, but to remain calm, or stay calm through it all.  What does that do?

It tells you and emits that you can handle it and that you’re not going to let that get you frustrated.  Simply put, it’s a state of mind like anything else I talk about here.

What happens is you will gravitate toward what will become comfortable for you.  But you have to make an effort to engage, if you want.  And here’s the biggest tip I’ve found – make sure that it stays simple.

Say what?  Yes.  None of this should become a chore.  I had a friend write me on Facebook today, actually she was replying to a compliment I left her that she was always ministering and helping others.  She told me it was her “task” that God had her do.

I’m not trying to belittle what she does, but I did say that “task” made it sound like a chore, and I’m sure she didn’t feel that way about it.  At least, I hope she doesn’t.

You shouldn’t feel that ANY of these new tools are a chore to use, either.  Yes, you have to “work your face off” like Gary Vaynerchuk says, but while doing it, you’re absolutely loving it!  So much so you could stay up all night Tweeting, or whatever your bag.

So don’t be discouraged about all the new stuff out there.  Engage it.  Find your place.  Stay calm.  Use the tools as tools.  You must stay happy about it – don’t make it a chore.  And create your brand…calmly.

Talk soon – Dave in Naples, FL

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