How Our World is Changing and How You Can Benefit

by Dave Jackson

Texting at the table. Someone using an iPad in church. Texting while walking through a crosswalk. Dressing super casual on commercial airlines. Wearing flip flops in a high end restaurant.

These things may rub you the wrong way, but there are a boat load of new norms that if we don’t embrace, we will lose a huge market.

Many of these things aren’t going away. As technology increases and changes our lives, we need to if not embrace, at least acknowledge that the status quo are going to play by these new rules.

Market to them.

See where they spend their time. And if you’re into changing the world and don’t like the flip flop mentality, start a course on etiquette. This has been done so well in many arenas. Take for instance God’s Leading Ladies by The Potter’s House. It doesn’t just concentrate on spiritual, but puts major emphasis on how to be cool in the world we’re in now. And they use text messaging and other social media technology to keep the group as family. Pretty cool.

Don’t become bitter over world changes. A lot of it is perspective. Get on a level and keep your standards high, but accept what others are doing so you don’t let a seed of bitterness grow in your own soul.

What are your thoughts?

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