How to Come Up with Money

by Dave Jackson

Do you guys ever think about if there were a way you could make money without a ton of effort; maybe something you could do from home, on your computer?

I believe those things exist. Don’t you? Maybe some sort of software that automatically works out problems for you and gives you some sort of edge. And with that you provide value to someone – or people.

And these people would pay a fee for your services and with that you would make money.

In my consulting, providing value is one of the prime things I tell clients they need to address when engaging in any sort endeavor. People pay for value.

You may say they also pay for entertainment, like artists, actors, singers, etc. But, that, too is value. If you fail to provide value, then people won’t pay for whatever you’re trying to market.

Naturally, if you have an idea of value; one that may make millions, you’re not likely to share it here on my blog. But I certainly believe we – as a group – can come up with something powerful that we can use to stay at home and make money. Don’t you?

First, I believe the Internet is such a great tool for teaching. I certainly spend a great deal of time learning on the Internet.

So what do you think would work? Any ideas?

I’m going to give you time to answer, then in a few days I’ll post a few of my ideas.

What do you think would work as an Internet business?

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Esteban Found April 30, 2010 - 11:49 am

Internet Business will grow in the years to come as more and more people get online. I also invested in an online store.-~-


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