How To Max Out Your Uber Driving

by Dave Jackson

by Dave Jackson

I’ve spent over 20K miles driving as an Uber driver in the South Florida area and spent $3,000 tracking the results. Here are XX things I have learned to max out my earnings.

1. Learn exactly when people are requesting rides. I spent the first week of my driving for Uber logging each request, where it came from and where I took them. The most import part was what time of day the request came and how lucrative the rides were (distance).It’s true. I kept the app on 24/7 the first week and logged every request. I did not take every request, but noted when the largest concentration came and on what day of the week.

2. Stay put. Knowing when and where the requests came from helped me strategize where I should be and when to receive the most requests. I camped out at a local Starbucks each morning which kept me going!

3. Study when events happen. Knowing where to be is crucial to maxing out your time. Uber provides web tools to tell you where the most likely traffic will be and when, based on real time data. Use that!

4. Communicate. I have received more continual business by becoming friendly with my riders and finding out when their next ride was. Although you can’t circumvent the system, you can be in the area when they are ready to go to insure a great customer experience, and more money for you.

How Can I Get More of the Long Rides
to the Airports or Nearby Cities

5. Long distance rides happen at certain times of the day. In my case, I found that no one was up and driving at 4 AM and this was primetime to take riders to the airport, a $45 fare in my city! Knowing when the longer rides happen is key.

6. Spread the word! Have cards printed up with your unique Uber code. You already know how the program works where every new rider will gain a free first ride. Make sure your phone number is on the card. Tell current riders to check out the website to become drivers and make cash. Have them use your code.

7. Use common sense.  Your good attitude and customer care will get you the best tips. Being happy is contagious, but understand the mood of the customer and respect that. Reflect the pace of your rider.

9. Offer a clean and comfortable ride. I am positive my clean car contributes to my stellar rating. It’s also a good idea to search for a nice comfortable car, it doesn’t need to be a new car but modern enough to be able to offer a nice cozy ride.

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