How to Motivate Your Employees

by Dave Jackson

We read everywhere that we have to create a culture amongst our workers and yet, just what is that, and how do you do that? And not just any culture. You want one that fosters personal development. Fortunately, most personal development skills can be transferred to the workplace, like communicating more effectively, becoming more productive, having a positive mental attitude, setting goals, lowering stress and staying motivated.

It’s one thing to want these attributes for your employees, but how can you get them to want these things for themselves? You know that when employees share a can-do attitude, everything improves – customer service, teamwork and job quality.

With my company the employees became hooked on self-improvement and wanted to hang around even after their day was done to add value to others. It was an infectious mindset.

The quality of work was better as the bar was raised higher as they wanted to help each other. Jim Rohn (who died a year ago -2009- this week) taught, “Don’t just help people with their jobs, but help people with their lives, as your greater purpose would have you have you do. Touch people and teach people not just job skills, but life skills. Don’t just teach people how to work, but how to live, how to assimilate and accumulate far greater treasures than just a paycheck.”

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