I’ve Been Studying

by Dave Jackson

I know. I haven’t written in a few days. There are two or three things going on and I see it happening everywhere. Some people don’t want to acknowledge it, and that’s fine. My motto is don’t fret about things you cannot change.

What I’m referring to is the spirit of the people here in the United States.

Yes, we say that we are strong and I believe everyone will work through this cycle (some call it a recession); but can’t you feel it in the air?

I am a firm believer in the transmission of “vibes”. Things you can easily pick up from other people or groups of people – without them muttering a word. You know, I grew up with the animal kingdom close by, and they are so attune to these kinds of things.

Dogs are great examples, no? They can sense things about people, other dogs, animals, and put that to their advantage. Ever notice how a dog can tell something about a stranger that you probably miss the first time around?

Hurricane Ivan unrepaired homeWell, anyway, some of my Flickr photos are from a vacation we took a few years ago to Grand Cayman. That’s where I keep my millions. (kidding… ok) Hurricane Ivan hit the Caymans real hard in 2004 and guess what? It is still a mess there! And one other thing that is even more interesting, there is a feeling of depression among the residents.

They’re not over the loss, yet!

And that’s OK. It was major and I would never wish a hurricane on anyone. I am worried for them, that another storm will hit and they will just feel worse. But see, even if we saw no destruction, we could still feel it in the air.

And I think that’s what Americans are going through. It’s a slippery slope, I say, from being “OK” to totally sliding into depression about what may be happening to you. People don’t want to talk about it (unless you’re in the media, right?) But it affects everyone.

I’ve still been studying a way for you to work from home. I think most of you are too busy to take on anything new. Too busy putting out fires in your financial life and in your home life. And it’s so easy to think that the day is SO hard that Sunday night is great for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Monday night you have Dancing With the Stars. Tuesday you escape to American Idol and elimination of a couple on Dancing (you “do” have Tivo, right?). Wednesday you find who gets voted off of Idol. Thursday you’re glued to Survivor. And Friday/Saturday you escape to some real family time, maybe.

So basically, for many of you, this coming season of turmoil will be the hardest thing you will ever go through. Do you deserve it? Well, no. But some are working their tails off brainstorming ways to make this time the biggest fortune in their history. I just don’t know why you keep coming up with excuses?

We all make mistakes. And guess what? We’re going to keep making them. Yet you need to demand change in your life to make it through the coming 12 months. This time will require extreme discipline. Things will get harder for those who don’t reinvent themselves.

And that’s why I am doing my part to come up with a business in a box that you can work on your PC from home and make money. So far I am thinking it will involve Google AdSense, websites, and some marketing of Affiliate products (selling other people’s stuff with your web page).

But I want to know if you’re interested. I want to know if you’re serious. I want to know if you’re in.

I promise I will create something where you simply connect the dots. It will be that easy. It won’t be free, but it will not cost a fortune. But it will require treating it like a business and working on it probably each day. It will build slowly like most businesses, and I am pretty sure you will have fun doing it. If not, you can opt out at any time.

Comments? Questions? Concerns? Write them below, and kick it off.

Just to let you know, in 2006, I was making $1000 (one thousand dollars) a day doing this and now am into creating web video tutorials. So I know what I’m talking about.

Talk soon,

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