Jack Canfield is a Little Too Commercial

by Dave Jackson

The first time I heard Jack Canfield live was at an Arbonne International (MLM) event in Las Vegas. It was awesome and Jack did a great job. I had just finished reading The Success Principles and Canfield delivered. Someone in the crowd ran toward the stage at the conclusion of his speech and while his mike was life he said, “Oh, no autographs, sorry!” as that same book was thrust toward him. I can understand that and would have said the same thing.

I follow Jack Canfield on Twitter because I’m waiting for something inspiring. But even though he has a few non-commercial Tweets, most are really simple commercials.

Jack CanfieldI understand we all need to make money, but I was disappointed with Jack Canfield. I guess I wanted more of that great stuff in The Success Principles and less of the pay me before I tell you how you can be better. Jack Canfield has done his share of goodwill. I don’t fault him there. I suppose it’s just the vibe I get.

Jack has his Breakthrough to Success training among other things which he charges for. These are all OK. Maybe it’s the manner in which he presents these things that doesn’t sit well with me. If you get on his mailing list, don’t expect any tips on how to help your day to day life. Instead, it’s a pitch with every email. Maybe that works for him.

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