More Ideas on Business in a Box

by Dave Jackson

I wrote to one of my best Internet marketing friends a few weeks ago.  He used to communicate with me all the time – but of late, we fell out of contact.  We got too busy it turns out.  Sometimes I look at my schedule and think, am I really on track here?  Or just putting out fires?

Turns out Roy was busy as well.  Here’s a guy who makes millions off the Internet and somehow a few years back we became friends.  So my request was first – hey, Roy, where are you, buddy?

And this morning he wrote back.

It was like getting a reply back from tossing a bottle out in the ocean.  I scurried when I saw his email in the batch that came in.  “Woah, Roy wrote!” I remember thinking.  And he asked if I were looking for him.

So I replied, because I totally have this as a life-project, that if he had a minute I would like to send him some ideas on what I feel could help a lot of people.

If you’re totally lost in this conversation, let me explain.

I was raised on the mission field of Brazil.  From 1966 to 1973, I was in Amazonas, the largest state in Brazil, home to the mighty Amazon River and one of the most interesting cities on the planet, Manaus.  Manaus is cool because it was came through a time of unusual prosperity during the late 1800’s when rubber started being used for everything.  There are stories that people lit their cigars with $100 bills.

But my parents and others served there for years.  And when I came back to the U.S., I found that a lot of older missionaries could use a little more money to make ends meet.

Heck, I find today that many people write and want to know how to make ends meet.

These elder saints have a lot of time they can and do spend online.

Wouldn’t this be of interest to you?

Just think if you followed a 90 day plan and at the end of 90 days I could almost guarantee you you’d be making some good money?

Something like that is needed, so I asked Roy – put out my heart-felt plea – to help brainstorm with me to make this a reality.

I’ll let you know what he says, and I’ll write some other folks as well.  Please write me if you have any input at all.  And if you want to get in on this, just stay tuned.  You’ll be the first to know.

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