My Wife is Voting for David Archuleta

by Dave Jackson

OK, I think David has a very good chance of winning, don’t you? For some reason, we’ve been enchanted by, mesmerized by the marketing, wooed by the production of the last few seasons of Idol – and, OK, I confess – Dancing With the Stars…

And I think it is SO cool how these shows tug at your heart. It’s what makes them popular.

For example, let me tell you one of the most convincing ways to market is to present an unlikely hero. You take someone who by all odds shouldn’t be there.

Like David Archuleta, maybe too young – not mature enough. But when this kid sings, it’s as if he’s been singing for 20 years. And he’s humble, and grateful – both qualities that help endure him to “voters”.

The participants are not doing much more than singing.

And that’s probably the best promotion of all. Think of it. We don’t need to hear them say (talk) anything. We just want them to sing as we instantly become a Randy, Paula, or Simon.

Funny, we’re sometimes SO wrong – well, compared to the “judges”. I thought that was great… And Randy will say – Dawg… listen here… that wasn’t your best song. Just didn’t do it for me, Dawg…

Still, showing what they can do on stage is all they need to “sell” themselves. And that’s where you can shine best, too. No, not by singing – but by just doing what you do without having to explain too much.

The flaw is when you have to become explicit as you try to make a point.

I love the parables in the Bible because Jesus didn’t come out and say – See!! That’s what this does, and that’s what it means!! Can’t you see!!

No, what He did was tell a story and we all got what it meant without Him having to explain.

So I encourage you as you go out today to try to market this way. Tell some stories (true ones!) about what your product or service does for people. Let them ask how.

Just sing your song and if it’s what they want to hear… they’ll vote for you.

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