Outstanding Customer Sevice

by Dave Jackson

I’ve decided, since my first book — about how I overcame Hyperthyroidism — is doing SO well on Amazon.com, that I’d write another book. Think of it: every time I sell only 6 copies of my small eBook (it’s in the Kindle area), I make $20 bucks! That’s incredible and I’m SO grateful.

My new book is going to be about my crazy success in making a living online. I’ve never shared much about that. This will be a tell-all and after you read it, you’ll be able to start something of your own and I’ll certainly help you with it.

In fact, the whole idea came about after I ordered a copy of Brendon Burchard’s, “Millionaire Messenger” and read the introduction, and at the same time received Vanessa Simpkins’, “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops.” I highly suggest you buy both books.

As I said, I have not even finished chapter one, but in the intro Brendon makes it clear that we’re here to make a difference in the world and that we can do that by using our experience to help other succeed. So I want to do that with my new book.

Now with Vanessa, I gleaned from the first few pages that in order to succeed we need to be super authentic. I don’t know how much more on the head you could hit the nail with that statement as to how it applies to marketing  online. That is SO true that it is scary.

I did a short  broadcast on www.Justin.tv from my car yesterday and I want you to listen to what I’m saying so I’m posting it here on this page. Let me know if you can relate and if this helps you today.

Listen as I drive around my hometown of Naples, Florida in search of a highlighter to mark up my books as I read. I get into my very first marketing attempt online – a coffee store in 1994. Maybe I was the first!

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