Roy Writes Back

by Dave Jackson

Well, if you’ve followed the blog the last couple of days, I’ve been posting about coming up with a business-in-a-box sort of thing that anyone could afford and when put to work they could make some money from their effort in the online arena.

I wrote an email to my good friend Roy who is a major player in Internet marketing and he did write me back.

Roy said that any effort online that involves making money should be treated like a business. And that there isn’t a free lunch and he doesn’t know of any make money for free deals.

I was disappointed.

So I wrote him back and said that I guess I wasn’t clear. That people have time to do the work, they simply want direction. We’ll see what he says and I’ll post it later here.

I’m working in a totally different area that is just real exciting. It involves teaching online and it was born out of my work with my website The Resume Secret. A few of you are members there and know the quality I’ve been putting out.

I thought – why stop with that? And so my mastermind group has been meeting twice a week now for the past month or so as we are making the new project a reality.

And when it launches, or gets to a point I can tell you about it, I certainly will. Well, first off we will be needing some beta testers – people who will volunteer to go through the course and give us a ton of feedback. (So we can improve, naturally.)

OK, I sent out an email a week or so ago about creating a forum, and while many thought it was a nice and fun idea, the majority said they would rather not see it – mainly because they have seen what other forums have spiraled into. I agree. So no forum for now.

And I’m still taking ideas for this biz in a box thing. I have some ideas, but would love to hear yours. And no, I don’t have $10k to pay you for your winning idea. But I am sure we can work out a profit-sharing deal, ha!

Really, all I want to do is make this happen. The time is so right and if I don’t hear from anyone or if any of my “guru” friends have no ideas – I am going to put together something myself and that will be my effort at it, anyway.

Do you think that’s a good idea?

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