Simplifying Marketing

by Dave Jackson
Fortune teller São Paulo

Fortune teller São Paulo Today I walked for about 45 minutes from my hotel here in sunny São Paulo to the center of this mega metropolis. I’m at the Cultural Bookstore which is in reality a shopping mall on the main drag, Paulista Avenue. Christmas, at least the festive trappings, are evident everywhere. It’s 92 degrees outside and business as usual. Men and women hustle from office to restaurant to grab a quick bite. Dark suits, the kind I shed years ago for my entrepreneurial freedom, dart in and out of the myriad of offices here. I wonder how much they make and how hard they are trying to impress on another. It’s a game in the most competitive of markets.

As I am about to cross a side street I look up and see this sign someone had to climb to attach. It’s says, “Binding Love Guaranteed – Payment After Results.” Of course it’s some sort of fortune teller and interesting marketing, to say the least.

Love is one of our six basic needs. Tie your marketing to one or more of the relatable needs and you’re well on your way with a good campaign. Can you see why?

I’ve always taught that you find something relatable to hitch your campaign to and you need only to guide your potential customer to your door. The sign does an okay job. We need love. The marketer guarantees results. And, on top of that makes it absolutely risk free. Brilliant. Call me; here’s my number (last thing on the sign.)

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