The New iPhone IOS 6

by Dave Jackson

The iPhone IOS 6 is here and I know my son has been playing with it for a few months now, but it looks exciting. So much so, I wanted to download the update this afternoon at a WiFi in my supermarket (Publix, here in Florida). I suppose the biggest update for me is the Facetime over cell networks which means I can check in with Adriana wherever she may be and we can connect.

But some say the turn-by-turn GPS maps are the best. I have grown fond of Waze for the iPhone, mainly because it is SO social – I can tell you when I spot a cop patrolling on my side of the highway, or if there are red light cameras at a certain intersection, etc. The new iPhone maps are suppose to have real time traffic! We’ll see what’s the best and I am sure as people are different, we’ll all have our favorites.

What is your favorite app for the

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