Twitter DM Command

by Dave Jackson

I haven’t written much on marketing lately; it’s 2:30 in the morning and I am still buzzing from one meeting last night that I thought I’d use the energy to say something here on Twitter Direct Messages.

Grandma used to sit at her beautiful wooden round table with the doily tablecloth on it, she probably made one winter. Next to her a box of envelopes and writing paper, a few cards and some stamps. She was replying to correspondence she had received in the mail. Some she felt compelled to call. Other letters only required another few sheets of lined paper, blue ink and thoughts about what had happened in her life the past few months…neatly transcribed to the thin sheets in blue ball point pen.

Back then people answered their mail. Today, you receive a direct message on Twitter as a “thank you” for following and as earnest as it sounds the writer has no intention of corresponding with you. Even though the message was direct AND indicated something special of value to you, it is not thought you will reply to it.

So why read it in the first place? Or why send it?

Well, people think they are turning into marketers OR using Twitter to the very best advantage by automating their Thank You for Following Me message with a marketing twist. Do they get read?

Try replying to one. My research has shown out of 200 replies to DM’s sent to Thank You for Following and have a URL to some special gift – 1 % will actually reply to your come back.

Since this is the case, that is, marketers worldwide have turned the Thank You into a spam, it behooves you to join them.

  1. Don’t write anything requiring a reply.
  2. Include a URL to your marketing landing page.
  3. Act as if you are actually writing the DM even though you are automating the process (Tweet Adder, etc.)
  4. Measure the results.

How do you measure? Well, track how many DM’s you send thanking people and using Google Analytics track the Click Through Rate on the URL in the DM you send (thanking people for following you.)

Fine tune this to get at least a 20% click through rate. You do this by changing up your thank you message. I see some people even add my Twitter name in the message. That’s pretty cool. Also, asking for help does wonders in getting people to click. Try something like, “Thank for the follow! I really need ur help w a project. Check my progress of whatever here”

You get the idea.

Go forth and prosper! I command it! Have a beautiful day.

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