Why Super Bowl Ads Work So Well

by Dave Jackson

Some of the best commercials are the ones that run during the Super Bowl. In fact, there are even TV shows that feature just those commercials. Pretty cool to see something that corporations pay millions for millions to see once. You know that you got to get it right the first time, and I’m sure there are more than a few ad houses that stay up the night before the Super Bowl wondering whether or not their “concept” will even fly.

It’s in Miami again, Super Bowl 2010, and it reminds me of a story when I was dating my wife. She lived in Brazil and I was in Dallas/Fort Worth, but every chance I got to see her I was on a plane down to Sao Paulo. I worked for American Airlines at the time and flying as a stand by could be a challenge. For the most part, I was an ace at lining up the flights to get me home and not get stuck in some strange city.

But I arrived in Miami on Sunday morning, the Sunday of the Super Bowl. And as I started to check the flights back to Dallas/Fort Worth, I quickly noticed they were all full – some oversold. What I did next you can only do if you’re an airline employee and have access to a terminal to check the passenger loads on flights. I saw that everything out of Miami northbound was full, so I had to get to Dallas/Fort Worth by going south.

Now, American has a ton of flights going south out of Miami. You may have heard recently that they are the airline with the most flights out of the USA to Haiti. So I started checking and remembered that flights out of Miami to San Juan not only were very frequent, that is, leaving every hour or so, but they were large aircraft. So I next checked the loads out of San Juan non-stop to Dallas/Fort Worth, and it was fine. I hopped on that next southbound flight to San Juan and got home late in the day in Dallas.

Miami was packed and all flights full because they were hosting the Super Bowl. If you are a sports fan of any measure you know that the Super Bowl is the biggest contest of footballdom. Millions watch it, but not only that, those who do are usually fanatical and in a frenzied fun state hoping their team will pull out a win.

Advertisers are keen on this “state” we get in. I first hear about this from Tony Robbins who says you can only make major changes in life by getting into a “state” of change. Tony believes that when you are learning and the event is like a rock concert, you retain it for a long, long time. You probably already know where I’m going with this, no?

During the Super Bowl we are excited and anxious. We are very happy, cheering. Show us an ad, and the impression it leaves is worth noting. Ad houses know this prime time is when viewers retain the information most. I bet you can describe at least five Bud commercials without much effort. Sure, they’re funny. But so was Joe Isuzu and not many remember him.

The takeaway from my post today is you have to learn what state “you” need to get in that allows you to remember and recall most. For many it may be a quiet place where you can concentrate. But I want you to try listening to something motivational you’ve been wanting to hear – the next time you go jogging. Make it fun and really get into the audio. Chances are you will really recall what you hear, to the point of wanting to tell someone about something you picked up this time around.

Keep focused on at least an hour of motivational and self improvement in the morning before you begin your day. If you need to, awaken a little earlier. I’m talking about every day for the rest of your life. People wake up the same time, but we all go to bed at different times. You’ll add years onto your mental “school” and shield yourself against the crap out there by doing your own hour of power each day.

And finally, pray for those folks in Haiti. Over 4000 Americans are still missing. That’s a lot more than died in the twin towers. Where are they? Incredible. Keep supporting if you can, too.

OK, talk soon. Share your thoughts and until next time, be good.

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