Loss of Freedom and China

by David Jackson
China Undercover

☝️ This episode of Frontline, China Undercover, about the loss of freedom, persecution, surveillance, re-education camps and more, is absolutely terrifying. These people can’t fight against a government this size. People are scared and keep quiet to protect themselves. They have drone footage of people blindfolded being led into camps.

Do you think that if the United States started something like this we could stop it?

The Chinese government claim they are helping these people, they showed a television spot of the government explaining and attempting to calm the public. It was pure propaganda, a blatant lie. I feel they are being forgotten, why is no other country or people doing something? Why are we allowing this on our planet? If Sanctions are not going to stop the Chinese from kidnapping and enslaving a whole ethnic group, which it hasn’t, something more needs to be done.

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