A Life Full of Miracles

by Dave Jackson

Hey, I’m flying again and this time to Sāo Paulo, Brazil. I arrived at the airport to fly from my beautiful Florida home to New York City, where my flight to Brazil would begin, only to find out it was delayed a few hours. The arrival time of my flight into New York was past the departure time of the flight leaving New York to Brazil.

This would probably strike a pang of fear into most people, but I felt confident that everything was going to work out in my favor. And it did. I found another flight leaving for an airport close by JFK and took a shuttle over. Come to find out, my flight to Brazil was delayed for a mechanical issue overnight. I wouldn’t be actually going to Brazil until almost 10 AM the next morning!

As my life is chock full of miracles, I was able to eat and visit with friends I haven’t seen in months. And upon meeting my crew this flight was going to be awesome. Not only am I working with one of my favorite classmates from training, but our layover was extended from 12 to 26 hours, all due to the late departure. Happy!

And I’m reading a new book this month. I say month because it’s the kind of book I simply love; follow guidance for forty days and see your life change. Tomorrow I start day one. I’ll write about it.

Oh, and I’m also intent on taking in as much as I can of HayHouse – right now they are in the middle of www.hayhousenewyounow.com Sign up and see if this is for you.

Today, I want to leave you with that your resolutions that come to pass effortlessly are those which are aligned with your greater purpose.

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