Above it All

by Dave Jackson

From the 25th floor of the Signature, you can see a great deal of the Las Vegas strip. Everything is in a different perspective from walking ground level.  For instance – from here, you can see a storm coming in.  You can see the sun setting.  You can see further and that has a huge advantage.

You see, until you get above it all, it’s difficult navigating.  You don’t know when a storm is brewing.  You don’t know that a period of time is coming to an end.

So what can you do?

Get plugged in.  It’s vital to get the advice of someone who is seeing it from above.  Someone who can guide you and keep you from running aground.  Many teams have phone calls – conference calls.  Others add a weekly or monthly team meeting onto that.

Is that for socializing?  Well – yes, but what you take away is much more important.  You take away a forcast – a map – a plan that will help you.

It boggles me to hear how many say they are on the team but never plug in.

Get plugged in.  Make it a must that you are on ALL of your team calls and as many of the team meetings as you can.

And then watch your business grow.  Now you have a roadmap with someone to show you the way.  All you need do is show up.

Now on the fun side – a couple of videos from NTC in Las Vegas.  Enjoy!

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Dino December 21, 2010 - 10:28 am

This really is fabulous information. We appreciate you sharing it by using all of us!


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