Accentuate the Positive

by Dave Jackson

Mom sang a song when I was a little man growing up in Port Huron, Michigan. It had the line – you must accentuate the positive. Am so happy she instilled those words in my tender mind because they come in very handy in this life.

I’m sitting here in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. And yet, there is enough negative going on in my life which I cannot control, that reminding myself of those lyrics is essential to change my mindset. Many times you will feel you have done all humanly possible in a situation, i.e., you’ve given it to God and He’s led you to handle it in a certain manner, and yet, the attack still persists. This is when you say to yourself – look…I’ve done my part and am leaving it in God’s hands so now I must not focus on things I have no control over, but accentuate the positive!

You will find that when you do, great things begin to happen in your life. God is bigger than any problem you may have and certainly sees it from a different perspective. Imagine when you watch a good thriller by yourself then later want to watch it with your friend. Your friend will no doubt freak out at the parts in the movie that you did when you saw it for the first time. They look at you and say, “Oh no! I hope they make it!!” Well, you’re sitting comfy in your chair and look at them calmly and say, “Oh yeah…they’ll be alright.”

How do you know this? Ha! You’ve seen the end of the movie! Well, friend, God has seen the end of your movie and that’s why when you’re down here freaking out at life it seems He’s distant. He’s not. He just knows the end of the story and is going to care for you just like a father would. He loves you!

Have a blessed day today and stay focused on Jesus and remember to – accentuate the positive!


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