Accumulation – Is It a Law?

by Dave Jackson

It floored me how many people wrote about my post on Millionaires. What a flurry of replies. It wasn’t until I got into business myself that I learned firsthand that it takes money to make money. That’s the way I always thought about my wealthy bosses. I worked as a program director for a radio station.

Later in life I learned one of the greatest success principles is called the law of accumulation.  This particular law says that everything great and worthwhile in our lives is an accumulation of hundreds and many times thousands of tiny sacrifices that no one ever sees nor appreciates.

This law states – you put in many tiny efforts that no one sees or appreciates before you achieve anything of worth.  Like a snowball.

A snowball starts as a flake but then grows as it adds millions and millions more snowflakes and gathers momentum.  This can actually happen to you.  Frequently I say that there’s no stopping our business now – we’re in momentum!

Three areas I find accumulation important is in the area of knowledge.  Thousands of pieces of information become your body of knowledge.  People with a ton of knowledge spent thousands of hours building it.  What you see when you meet them is the expertise – merely the accumulation of millions of bits of information.

Money is another area where accumulation is important.  Large fortunes are the result of the accumulation of hundreds and thousands of small amounts of money.  Take the money you have right now and begin to save it.  Saved money sets up a trigger to the law of attraction.  Try it.

Many leaders tell me the same story.  As soon as they start putting money aside, it starts to attract into their life.  Most people retire poor because they never had put any money aside.

Experience.  Accumulation of experience makes you an expert in your field.  People who don’t take risks and move out of their comfort zone do not gain the experience they need to become successful.

I’ve said this before – everything counts.  Make mistakes and learn.  Accumulate data.  That’s prime in the law of accumulation.  Not just what you want to count, counts.  Everything counts!  When you read a book, listen to an audio, watch TV, go to bed early, get up early… it all counts.

So when you do things – anything – they go down on your ledger.  TV, time wasting, hanging out, fooling around, all goes on the negative side.  The person with a great life has accumulated far more credits than debits.  If what you are doing is not moving you toward your goals – then it’s moving you away.

Nothing is neutral.  Everything counts.

Okay – here we go… Begin to build your knowledge base in the subject that can be most helpful to you.  If it takes a week or a year – no matter.  Get started.  And get as much experience as you can in your field.  It is valuable… and… accumulates.

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