Adriana’s Top Ten

by Dave Jackson

Adriana is a leader with one of the fastest network marketing companies today, according to the DSA. I was privileged to be on one of her recent trainings where she went over what she considers her Top 10 to get and keep your business on track.

Here we go:

    1. Write up your big WHY. Why are you doing your business. Your why should make you cry, so get serious with articulating your why.

    2. Work hard at blocking out a half hour a day to listen to or reading personal growth material. There are a lot of good books and CD’s out there.

    3. Strategize! Think of the people you want on your team. Create a list of 100 names. Block out four people on that list you immediately want to work with. If you come up with less than 100, you will get discouraged as you deplete your list.

    4. Negative flows up. No negative down. In other words, if you have anything negative to say, don’t tell it to people below you. Tell it to the people above you.

    5. Get plugged into a system! Most teams will have a step by step system.

    6. Get a 30 minute appointment with prospects and ask your upline to come with you.

    7. Make sure each exposure to your business opportunity drives the prospect to another exposure. Multiple exposures will make it happen.

    8. Practice, practice, practice. Treat this like a real business. Suppose you just bought a franchise and it cost you $50,000.00 and you have to pay the bank back.

    9. Think big. If you think in lack, that’s what you’ll reap. Sowing and reaping. Most of this stuff relies heavily on Universal Laws.

    10. Get God involved – ask Him to help you. One touch of God’s favor is all it takes!

Needless to say, some powerful stuff there. Adriana is big on telling others to “get rid of your lack mentality. Most fail in this business because they deep down inside don’t believe they can do it. Why start when you know you don’t really believe? Until you believe, you’re not even stepping out on faith. You’re just wishing.

“Look for 3D people: dream, desire and drive. That’s what YOU have and there are others like you out there. Those will take you to the top.”

Holy cow! Strong stuff!

Happy prospecting,

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