An Interesting Story – Part Two

by Dave Jackson

Well, you had a lot of “homework” and if you’re like most, you took the time to print out the last entry and put the items into action. How did you do with those probing questions? I mean, wow, your belief is critical to success. Now, after that exercise, how do you feel about your belief level? On a scale of 1 to 10, where are you?

It is so important that you don’t become a recluse when it comes to Network Marketing. So many times I meet people who hide behind their computer screens and e-mail and think they are going to make it in this business. My recommendation, and it’s only that, a recommendation, “show up for everything”. This means getting out and going to ALL the meetings in your area. If you aren’t near the top pin levels in your company, make the effort to get to all of them. This means finding a baby sitter, changing your work schedule, maybe even changing your lifestyle.

Linda says to have enthusiam, energy and passion. Okay, that’s easy to say – but how do you get there? One thing I’ve found helpful is to listen to something that has made me enthusiastic in the past. This could be music, great motivational teaching, or even doing what motivational guru Tony Robbins recommends – get into motion. Motion creates emotion, so get up and move! Jump up and feel excited about life!

Once you’re at the meetings that are happening around you, and I suggest you go to everyone within three hours driving, you need to listen. Listen hard, Linda says, because you will use almost everything you hear. And listen in 3D – dreams, desires, discontents – find what your scale is on these three.

And ignore the negativity that comes into your path. The easiest way to do this is to surround yourself with positive people. Expect great things to happen because if you don’t have any expectations, you won’t get any. That reminds me that this is such a fun business. We expect to have a blast on my team. Rita Davenport says if you’re not having fun, “get out!” Don’t give others the power or authority to steal your dreams.

Here’s one of my best ideas from Linda: “Don’t think it, ink it!” Write it down. Create a dreamboard. Get things down on paper that you want to become reality in your life. How many times have you heard about success happening this way? Why don’t you believe it will happen for you? And couple this with some great visualization exercises – go test drive your dream Mercedes, even if you did it a few months ago. Close your eyes now and see it in the driveway.

Okay, at this point Linda’s training breaks into more of a proverbs listing. It’s great if you can write fast. Here we go.

Be others conscious instead of self-conscious.
Your mouth is your office. Keep it open all the time.
See the invisible sign people are wearing, “Make me feel important.” Rita Davenport is good at this. Once I met her at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. I stopped her to say hi, and said that I really enjoyed what she shared the night before. Now Rita doesn’t know me, yet. She listened and replied that she was glad I enjoyed it and thank you. Then she said something no one ever said to me. She said thank you for stopping me and sharing that with me, that she really appreciated that. She made me feel important.
Develop a confidence in yourself that you have something great to offer.
Do at least one thing a day that produces income.
Would you like to have 10 consultants just like you in your group?
The company is all of us, so we need to be aware how we’re presenting it.
What movies are you playing in your mind?
It’s time to start work – stop wishing – make it happen with action!

Yes, I could write a post on each point, and maybe I’ll tackle that later, but now to those 8 things NOT to do in your Network Marketing business:

1. Do not compare yourself.
2. Do not race. It’s not a race. Work hard, but know it’s a journey.
3. Do not have negative thoughts – avoid them. Find something nice in every situation.
4. Do not re-invent the wheel.
5. Do not pre-judge.
6. Do not throw up your business on everyone.
7. Do not ever think you know it all. Be humble. It will be taken away from you if you’re not. Look in the mirror.
8. Do not ever say never.

And there you have it. Another awesome teaching from Green Bay with Linda Loveless. There’s enough material there to fill a book, so get busy and take a few things and put them into action.

Feel free to comment on this post and give me your opinion, or ask questions.

Until next time, happy prospecting!
Dave Jackson
Naples, FL

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