An Interesting Story

by Dave Jackson

One of the most dramatic stories I’ve heard in Network Marketing is that of Linda Loveless of Kansas. If someone wanted to be far away from this business, it was Linda. She was brought up with an entrepreneureal father, one who twice bankrupted the household while she was growing up. When a friend mentioned a business opportunity, a wall went up and she could once again feel the pain. But something changed.

Linda got into dress making. She was so good at it, she entered one of her designs in a competition. One design won an award, but as part of the award – her dress was to be used on 17 models. Linda worked harder than she ever had sewing 7000 beads by hand on each dress. But because she was a sole proprieter, she did it, alone.

Someone suggested she run in the Mrs. Kansas pageant. She felt that was a selfish thing to do, but ran anyway, and won.

Now in the pageant and fashion world, someone introduced her to Network Marketing. The products complimented her work, but the business was a painful reminder of what happened in her family with her father’s bankruptcies. Nonetheless, she found how easy the products were accepted and a business was starting almost on its own. But because of Linda’s fears, she placed many silly things in her path of success. Her own mind was protecting her.

Linda became a professional meeting gower. Whenever her Network Marketing group had a meeting, she was there, sitting, taking tons of notes. This lasted a year and a half. But business slowly grew. Eventually, she became active and as she did, her business grew quickly.

Her husband, Greg, was non-supportive. But, after she started paying for date-nights, sports for the kids, and finally the mortgage, he changed.

Linda says you become what you believe. What are you believing? Remember, all you have is “right now”, so what is your belief? Is your belief stunting your growth? What is that inner voice telling you? Be reminded that negative thought pattern is habit, so figure out how to change the habit. Here’s Linda’s formula. Don’t just read this, go now and grab a white sheet of paper and write down the answer to each question:

1. Define the bad belief.
2. Who told you that? What story do you play over?
3. Give yourself permission to change.
4. Embrace the new thought pattern.

Wow! That is powerful! Can you see now what is holding you back? Did you write it down? If not, do it now – this page isn’t going anywhere. Take the time to improve yourself. How long have you been just reading things like this, but never doing the exercise? Have you changed much? Or are you in the same routine, and some denial?

Here’s another very powerful exercise from Linda.

1. What do I believe?
2. How long have I believed this?
3. How did this belief come about?
4. Is it true, accurate?
5. What is the impact if I don’t change it?

Ask yourself – what kind of legacy will I leave based on what I am doing today? What you do today can affect your grandkids – and generations!

Linda reminds me about getting to know my “Core Beliefs” and that they are what drive us and control us. When something, anything new comes your way, you filter it through your core beliefs. You can change these core beliefs and become a new person.

So all of this ties in with our self-talk. What are we saying to ourselves? Is it helpful, kind, uplifting, strengthening? Have you ever listened to what you are saying to yourself?

Here’s another lesson. Write down your answers.

1. What do I believe about the business?
2. What do I believe about the products?
3. What do I believe about Network Marketing as a strategy?
4. What will others believe about this?
5. What do I believe about the compensation?
6. Do I believe if someone works hard that they will succeed?
7. Do I believe I will work this business hard and won’t quit?
8. Do I believe I will succeed in this business?
9. Do I believe I can succeed in this business?
10. Do I believe in myself?

Linda’s three areas of action you need to work on daily:

1. Enthusiam
2. Commitment
3. Conviction

If you’ve done the exercises, you’ve spent some time with this. So, next report I’ll finish Linda’s powerful presentation. You won’t want to miss it! It contains the 8 things NOT to do in your business!

Happy prospecting,

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John Davis August 27, 2005 - 11:31 pm

Hey, some great tips as always! Can’t wait for part two!!


Gabrielle September 12, 2005 - 1:25 pm

Thank you for taking time to respond to my website, and I am giving this one a chance too…interesting.

Dave September 28, 2005 - 10:48 am

Thanks, Gabrielle! Hope my posts are beneficial for you.


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