Become an Active Learner

by Dave Jackson

One of the most asked questions I get in Network Marketing is how come I’m getting so many “no’s”! Well, the answer’s not always easy – but it is almost always because a new person is so anxious to get up and get going.

That’s a good attribute, by the way. But it calls for a little refinement.

Have you ever heard of mirroring? That’s a technique I learned at a Tony Robbins seminar back in the ’90’s. What you do is position your body, and mainly body language, in the same manner as your prospect. For instance, if they are holding their head in their hand, you do likewise.

Now don’t make it look like a mime or you’ll get tossed out of the house.

But body language can tell us volumes about whether a new prospect is interested, or just being nice so you will go away – soon.

I thought this article on body language was very cool. It shows you how even the strangest things can be queues to strong signals about what someone thinks of your presentation.

So, I have new people on the team study body language. Pick up on the queues they are consciously or subconsciously giving you. And take it away from them if they are saying no! no! no! You don’t want them on your team, anyway, right?

And remember that body language is just the tip of the iceberg in prospecting skills. I thought I knew a bunch when I went to that Tony Robbins seminar. I learned so much about connecting to people on their level, it’s incredible.

School is never out for the active learner. There’s no graduation day.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to learn it all before you can prospect. Don’t wait until all the lights are green. Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly – get out there and make it happen and learn as you earn.

Next time you’re out – watch for body signals – and heed them. They always speak louder than words.

Keep prospecting!
Dave Jackson
Naples, FL

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