Best Low Priced Vodka

by Dave Jackson

I don’t write much about drinks, but the articles get some of the most traffic on my site. People drink more now than at any time in history, and I believe it may be because we are simply more stressed with our world.

So why would anyone want a low-priced vodka?

Most higher priced vodkas taste better, smoother, and mix better (it seems to me, anyway) than their lower priced counterparts. However, there are two lower priced vodkas I shall recommend to the bold at heart.

Burnett’s Vodka, made right here in the USA and gluten free (yea!) is my first choice. I love Tito’s, which is also American made, but pricier. So, if you’re going to go for something cheaper, but that won’t make you regret you paid for it, try Burnett’s. It’s good, it’s smooth. They know what they’re doing. They’ve been making drinks for decades (Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey).

Secondly is Seagram’s. It is good, not great. Mixes with everything, and it won’t break the bank.

The very best buys in vodka can be found at your local Costco or Sams. There you will find the Kirkland or Sams brand which is made in France (cognac region) and is excellent, under $20.00.

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