Broadcast Your Next Group Meeting Live

by Dave Jackson

This has become such a growing thing on the Internet and we’ve been using it with our groups here in Naples, that I’m surprised there aren’t more people and groups using this for distributing information or simply rallying the troops.

Did you know that almost all of the companies providing this service are doing it for free?

It’s true!  And we’ve been using it for over a year with good success.  The two most popular services are Ustream and Justin TV.  Ustream is geared more toward a serious crowd, although if you scan through their channels, you’re sure to find goofy people on there.  In fact, last week I hopped on and on the main page was that fellow that sings “Chocolate Rain” on YouTube.

A handful of churches are using this technology to broadcast their services live, too.  It’s very cool and there are endless applications for it.

So what I challenge you to do is create an account at Ustream and using a webcam and your Internet connection, tell your group and broadcast your conference and updates.  There’s even a feature to record your broadcast, and as I said, it’s all totally free.

Justin TV is more for life casters – people who have a camera on all the time and need that significance.  You can stream there as well, but Ustream is my first choice.

Ustream is at and Justin TV is at

What do you think of this cool way to do your meetings?

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